Services we provide

Across multiple disciplines of engineering.Engineering


ADSI provides a complete range of high quality project constructions, and provides high standard integrated in-house services on project management, procurement, engineering, fabrication, and commissioning. With an extensive track record, ADSI delivered a number of offshore and onshore structures to the satisfaction of our customers worldwide. The wide-ranging experience and capabilities of ADSI in construction ensures an end-to-end solution for any project, regardless of scale. Our clients benefit from clear reporting, direct communication and a highly skilled workforce ensuring smooth transition from construction, through commissioning to project handover.


Our construction service offering is vast, across a wide selection:

  • Steel structure for infrastructure project (onshore)
  • Steel bridge structure (onshore)
  • Building steel structure (onshore)
  • Power plant or chemical plant structure (onshore)
  • Beam or column structure (onshore)
  • Sandblasting and painting (onshore)
  • Subsea station (offshore)
  • Jack up rig structure (offshore)
  • Hookup and commissioning (offshore)