Services we provide

Across multiple disciplines of engineering.Engineering


ADSI Engineering Sdn. Bhd. provides maintenance services to the Oil & Gas industry. We provide value to our clients by focusing on optimization of cost side efficiencies, while maintaining and improving service levels. Whether your plans support a greater process or provides finished goods, our team of operations and maintenance professionals execute optimization and operational improvements to minimize cost and maximize operational productivity.

Our services aim to support Oil & Gas production facilities. We stand out for our “full responsibility strategy” to field activities in terms of Oil & Gas production.


Integrated maintenance services include:

  • Workover and well support services
  • Rigs and revamping maintenance
  • Utility management services
  • Oil & Gas equipment maintenance
  • Pipelines (export pipe lines, trunk lines)
  • Flow lines and tanks services
  • Oil & Gas production facilities
  • Power generating systems
  • Gas treatment maintenance
  • Separators maintenance
  • Valves maintenance
  • HVAC maintenance
  • Pumps maintenance
  • Compressors maintenance
  • Electrical maintenance
  • Tank maintenance and cleaning