ADSIE is committed to serve its clients with quality services and expeditious delivery through continuous improvements of its Quality Management System by cultivating good working culture in the Organisation.

Quality 95%


At ADSIE we don’t just supply equipment’s , our team of experts provide a comprehensive range of quality assurance, quality control and expediting services that support on-time, and to specification, delivery. Drawing on our in-house expertise we will verify the components, and the assembled parts & equipment’s, at each stage of the process, from manufacturing to delivery, to ensure they meet client and industry specification.

Our services help ensure quality of product, adherence to specifications, reliability and on-time delivery. We recognise that timing of delivery within approved costs is as critical as quality and reliability, and provide our customers with certainty at all stages of the procurement process.


It is ADSIE’s policy to operate its business in accordance and compliance with the prevailing laws, by-laws and regulations and so as to ensure that the business is operated in the manner that always prioritized the safety of the employees, protect the environment and safeguard the clients, third parties and other stakeholders’ interest.

ADSIE shall endeavour to manage and minimize all risks; prevent accidents, injuries and occupational illness and pollution that may be associated with its business activities. The employees are also trained to identify, control, minimize and eliminate risks in carrying out and performance of its work-related activities.