Procurement of Equipment and Systems

Procurement of Equipment and Systems

ADSIE Procurement Services

Our Clients depend on ADSIE’s expertise for timely procurement of materials and equipment for their projects. We have built a strong network of trusted suppliers to meet Client objectives, delivering critical items to projects in a timely manner to meet project schedule and cost requirements.

ADSIE’s procurement organization provides Clients with global resources, processes, systems, market knowledge and volume-leveraged pricing to maximize return on investment. We offer reliable project deliveries, innovative performance solutions and project savings through the combination of a global execution platform, industry-leading technologies and goods and services.

Strategic Sourcing

ADSIE achieves Clients' product sourcing objectives by leveraging highly knowledgeable product directors assigned to specific categories of materials, equipment and services.

Material Management

ADSIE’s material management professionals support execution excellence by managing the quality and timely delivery of equipment from the manufacturer or supplier to job site.

Contract Management

ADSIE contract professionals optimize the full scope of pre-award and post-award contracting activities by using contract management reference system.


ADSIE’s logistics team manages the transportation of material and equipment from supplier and fabrication facilities to the project site, meeting the needs of sourced projects..